Paramekkavu Sree Parameshwaran (Late)
Guruvayoor Indrasen
Nayarambalam Rajashekaran
Thadathavila Rajasekaran
Paramekkavu Devidasan
Puthupally Keshavan
Thiruvambady Kuttishankaran
Kadungaloor ganapathy
Chembukkavu Vijaykannan

Chengaloor Ranganathan(Late) Featured

Alternate Name
Srirangam Ranganathan
  • Vayukumbham (Forehead bump) - Broad and projects forwards.
  • Thalakkuni (Twin domes on the head) - Big and raised.
  • Majestic Look - Raised head and low back.
  • Strong Legs - Straight legs without deformity.
  • Eyes - Clear honey coloured eyes.
  • Large Ears - During fanning produces a loud flapping sound and adds to the beauty of the elephant.
  • The Tusk - Evenly seperated tusks with the colour of butter or sandalwood and without scraps.
  • The Trunk - Fleshy and long trunk that trails into the ground even if it's head is held high.
  • Temporal region - Swollen and fleshy.
  • Irikkasthanam - The area where the mahout sits is broad and fleshy.
  • Teeth - Good and strong.
  • Eighteen nails - Clear nails without crack.
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He was the tallest elephant ever to come in kerala.He came from Sri Rangam temple.
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+1 #14 vishnusai 2013-04-16 15:36
He was almost 12 feet in height , What a legend !!!
#13 Midhun Muralidharan 2013-03-19 12:08
#12 Akhil Mohan K 2013-02-05 23:58
i have seen a photo of him standing in a ezhunallipp all other elephants are more than 1 feet shorter than him
+1 #11 varunkrishnan 2012-08-19 13:27
as there is no proper high level treatments even today for elephants, but men are getting high level multispeciality treatments and elephants do not get those luxuries, still man hurts poor elephants, those sad stories are existing well, today also. better say sorry to elephants my dear friends.extreme ly sorry.
#10 varunkrishnan 2012-08-19 13:10
he died before almost 95 years ago after a stab from an elephant called Akavoor govindan (paliyam govindan), he was tired and retired from all poorams after that severe injury because Akavoor's tusk was very much pointed and sharp as we can see from it's photo, and it pierced flesh and bone of chengallor as old experts say, personally i dont like pointed and sharp tusk on elephant because it is dangerous, some Morons sharp tusk for beauty even today as we can see, old peoples article reveals that the stab was so violent and serious and it caused Chengalloor to fall on the ground and also hit its fore head on a concreate pillar near causing multiple injuries and so much blood and cries, this was the most bizzare elephant attack seen ever and that caused it to be on a rest for more than a year and died after that due to suffocations and sideeffects of internal injury, as there is no proper high level treatments even today for elephants, but men are getting high level multispeciality -
+1 #9 varunkrishnan 2012-08-19 12:03
he was more than 338 cm at death, atleast 20 cm more taller than kandampully who was 318 himself only the famous JUMBO ELEPHANT was known taller captive elephant who was 11 feet when came to england zoo and 13' 1 feet tall at the time of death caused by a train accident .
#8 varunkrishnan 2012-08-19 11:55
This elephant look like an extinct syrian war elephant.
But this elephant was less than the height of an average syrian elephant also called WAR elephant, used mainly by Emperor Alexander and other selucid kings, which was the same species of our elephant but diffrent subspecies ELEPHAS MAXIMUS ASURUS , now extinct 250 years ago with 12 feet tall average. todays indian elephants are Elephas Maximus Indicus.
#7 varunkrishnan 2012-08-19 11:49
this elephant's height was more than 338cm because on the museum skelton itself is written as 11' 1 inch at irikkastanam which is 338 cm... So if flesh on its body, this would have been more than 340 cms. please see that notice board on trissur muesium my dear friends.
#6 K P Narayanan 2012-06-06 16:23
Chengaloor Ranganathan was purchased from Kumbakonam Swamy and Presented to Chengaloor Mana in Anthikad (Trichur Dt) by (KRISHNAN NAMBIAR) Kuttala Pattath family of Anthikad in 1905 at a cost of Rs1050/-.Rs38/- was spent for transportation from Kumbakonam to Anthikad.I had the very rare oppertunity to see this records personally He was the known talest elelpent in Kerala (320 cm Height) He died in 1927 (He was attacked by Akoru Govindan a well notorious elelphant in those days) Unfortunately very few photograph is avilable. His skelton is kept in Trichur musium now.
#5 KIRAN MATHILAKAM 2012-05-10 01:32
i think chengaloor ranganathan is the tallest elephant with all the qualities..once in Asia...not in Kerala....

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